Blood Upon The Rose

Blood Upon The Rose

€38.20 (+ Fees)

Journey Back to 1916: ‘Blood Upon The Rose’ Unfolds at TF Royal on July 20th!

Step into the heart of Dublin 1916 as ‘Blood Upon The Rose’ unfolds its poignant tale of Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford. Witness the immortal love, the tragedy, and the untold sacrifices against the backdrop of the Easter Rising.

Plunkett’s devotion to Grace, forever enshrined in song, leads to a heart-wrenching climax—their secret marriage at Kilmainham jail, followed by his execution in the haunting ‘Stonebreakers Yard.’ This epic production lays bare the humor, wit, passion, and pain of that tumultuous era.

Delve into the deep divisions that shook Irish revolutionary thinking, a key factor in the rising’s military defeat. Writer and producer Gerry Cunningham has crafted a historical masterpiece that rekindles the spirit of 1916.

Join us at TF Royal on July 20th for ‘The Rising Returns’—let the cast and musicians of the River Tall Theatre Company transport you to a time of unyielding courage and unwavering love.”

We recommend all guests arrive early as this show has unreserved seating. We are also now a cashless venue. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

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