The Ukrainian Ballet of Peace – Sleeping Beauty

The Ukrainian Ballet of Peace – Sleeping Beauty

Doors 19:00 | Show 20:00
Reserved Seating
Adults € 30.00 / U15's € 25.00 (+ Fees)

Enchanting Ballet Magic: The Ukrainian Ballet of Peace Presents Sleeping Beauty!

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey as The Ukrainian Ballet of Peace graces the stage once more in Castlebar. This upcoming performance promises to transport you to a realm of fantasy, where world-class choreography, exquisite costumes, and captivating stage sets converge to create an unforgettable spectacle.

From the moment the curtains rise, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world brimming with artistic brilliance. The ballet’s world-class choreography, meticulously crafted by talented dancers, will leave you spellbound, as every move and gesture tells a story of grace and emotion. The dancers’ skill and passion will shine through, making each performance a breathtaking display of human artistry.

Majestic costumes will adorn the dancers, enhancing the visual feast before you. These meticulously designed outfits will not only accentuate the elegance of the choreography but also transport you to the heart of the narrative, whether it be a fairy tale, a historical epic, or a mythological legend.

Completing this enchanting tableau are the captivating stage sets, which serve as the backdrop to the dancers’ artistry. They will transport you to far-off lands, ethereal realms, and ancient times, setting the stage for a truly immersive experience.

So, mark your calendar and prepare to lose yourself in a world of wonder when The Ukrainian Ballet of Peace returns to Castlebar. This is more than a performance; it’s a journey into a realm where dreams come to life through the magic of dance, costumes, and stagecraft.

We recommend all guests arrive early as this show has unreserved seating. We are also now a cashless venue. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Find out more information regarding the venue itself or details about getting here such as location, parking, conditions of entry etc. Enjoy the show and be sure to tag @tf_royal_castlebar in your photos.

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